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Friday, 7 September 2012

Krabi - Part 1


just wanna share my Krabi (Thailand) adventure.
me n en.hubby been there last year for honeymoon.
Lots of memories can be shared together with u'olls.
we stay at Krabi La Playa (nice hotel to stay)

 Just arrived at Krabi airport

 En.hubby register at the reception. Krabi La Playa (affordable place n very comfort to stay)

 the bed for honeymoon (so sweet)

finally revealing me (the blogger) + en.hubby

 rent the scooter - very cheap 150 Baht = RM15 for a day.
we are heading to Krabi night market.
Lots of t-shirt n handmade craft can be found. 
a scary story behind our journey back from the night market. actually we're lost 10km away from the junction to ao nang beach -place that we stay. frankly speaking Thailand citizen are very kind n concern.
they help us by giving direction how to go back to ao nang. as i remember we ask 3- 4 person to give direction to us. thank GOD we are lucky that night. 

this is how the fill in the petrol. i never thought that this traditional method still exist.
i still remember this method only exist at my hometown till long2 years ago.

*p/s : understand the map before going places that u r not similar with. used GPS better.

warna-warni saedah

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