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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

mAkaNan JePun

Semalam, My hubby teringin sgt berbuka kt luar. So dia decide nak makan Makanan Jepun (dah sebulan lebih x makan). So, kitorg pergi makan dekat Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. Name kedai tu Asahi Sushi (yang penting halal). Sebab lapar sgt2 ktorg beli bento set. Kenyang sikit. Hehehe u’ll boleh try makan kt kedai ni. Sedap sgt2. Gambar dalam menu sama dengan makanan yang diorg serve. 
Ok la enjoy the pic \(^^)/

sour plum and my fav soya

appetizer ( atas Salmon kusyi yaki-sedap. bawah-smoked salmon)

my huby choice saba bento-ada chicken teriyaki skali.

mine-salmon teriyaki..yummy2

miso sup-ending

warna-warni saedah

Monday, 30 July 2012

Jangan berhenti di R&R Highway LEKAS

Untuk share bersama..... credit to blog above :

Warehouse sale Baju Baby semperna Hari Raya

1)   Hytex Warehouse sale

2)   Poney sale
Date : 1st August 2012 to 8th August 2012 ( 10am to 7pm )
Vanue : 13-1 Jalan SP 2/7, Seksyen 2, Taman Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Berbuka Puasa dekat MIL house

Happy Sunday Morning….
Minggu ni turn berbuka puasa dekat rumah MIL.  So entry kali ini ialah jom belajar buat ayam panggang….. tak sangka senang jugak nk buat. Seronok bila berbuka ramai-ramai.
My SIL buat 2 perisa ayam panggang.
1)   Western style
Bahan-bahan nk perap ayam ialah serbuk paprika, garam, minyak, papper.
kuah perap ayam

time to perap
2)   Malaysia style
Bahan-bahan nk perap  ayam ialah bawang putih, bawang merah, serai, cili padi, garam dan halia.


                                          before masak

                                        tadaa..... lepas masak

Friday, 27 July 2012

Shaklee Product

I’m a working mother but still insist to give fully B* feed to my little princess, but unfortunately I’m not like other women who can produce tonnes of B* milk.
I’ve struggle to strain my B* to produce more milk just to fulfill my daughter needs. Usually it takes me a day at work just to get 2-2.5oz of milk. So I’ve started to search online to find a solution. Based on my 'blog reading', found out that most working mother started early to keep their EBM since “pantang” but not me, lacking knowledge on BF during that period.
Recently, I tried to eat supplements from Shaklee. I’ve started with SET B trial (contains Vita-Lea, B complex, Vitamin C and Alfalfa) for the past 3 weeks. The result is quite impressing. Manage to get 7oz (Alhamdulillah) during working hour.
Last night went to Kak Ruziah (credit to house to add some extra supplement which is ESP (Energizing Soy Protein) -that can helps to produce more milk, help you to stay energetic all day and one more is osteomatrix –provide calcium for mummy. hehehe for all this supplement they called it 3M set (recommended for mummies who just started to keep stock or has problem producing milk just like me).

p/s: don't get frustrated if the result is not as you expected.
The effect might be slow. just be patient and continue giving direct feeding to you baby, and pump your B* every 3 hours during working time. Insy Allah you will see the result. Remember to maintain high determination to give Fully BF to your child. give me couple of weeks to update the result. pray to GOD for goods.

A Simple Desert For Berbuka

i'm used to have a long driving journey (1 hour driving),during this fasting month, i wasn't able to cook something complex for, yesterday i’ve decide to make Dadih.How to cook it? As easy as ABC.....

                                                          The ingredient is :

                of coz instant dadih (should used brand from

                Happy Grass-recommended bcoz the texture is soft n light)


                                                     For extra flavor. Apple also taste good.

Just read the instruction behind the packet, and it takes 10 minutes to make it.Try it at home. Put inside freezer for better taste yummy yummy.

warna-warni SaeDah

Thursday, 26 July 2012

new entry from a new blogger

Just feel so curios how does other people manage to create blog and update it so often.....
i'm a new blogger who loves to read other people blogs. loves to gain knowledge on their blogs.
so now it's my turn to share some knowledge with u'll....
hope you can enjoy it as much as i enjoy to read yours.

warna-warni SaeDah