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Thursday, 31 January 2013

bunga telur manik 2013 - murah (promotion)


hari ni nk share new design for bunga telur...
this time saya buat bunga telur manik... sesuai for vip but still affordable
nak buat promotion untuk pengenalan....
harga menarik.... if tertarik boleh la order

my mail :

tema - pink kuning.... for closer picture and price click here
terdapat pelbagai warna mengikut tema anda

warna-warni saedah

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Burger Bakar Melaka


hari ni nak share 1st time makan burger bakar kat Melaka...
kire me n en.hubby ni outdated ckit pasal burger bakar....
org lain dah berkurun makan burger bakar... we'oll br je nk merasa.
so last week decide nk try makan burger bakar yg popular kt Melaka.
located kat bukit beruang... name kedai Burger Bakar Dahsyat... betul2 sebelah kedai mamak...
jom layan gambar.... ni burger bakar yg first di Melaka.... if i'm not mistaken la...

en.hubby punye


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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Neogence Extremely Off-heads Serum.


After awhile my blog in silent mode,
Today just wanna share my new solution towards big issue that I’m facing currently.
After giving birth, I don’t really take care of my face skin health.
I just simply wash my face without using toner, no facial cream and so on.
My pore are getting bigger, my face started to be too oily, and the most
obvious is my black and white head on my nose.
I’ve started to realise my problem when couple of my cousins n my lil sis mention that
My face look dull, oily and of coz  blackhead on my nose.
So I’ve start to used toner again, and also I’ve tried to used biore pore pack…..
Unfortunately, it’s didn’t help much. I’ve read some blog suggest on using mud mask as an alternative way.
So I wnet to SASA last 2 day and they said that It’s not wrong using mud mask, if you used frequently it will help your pore getting more bigger.
So she suggest me to used their hot sales product Neogence Extremely Off-heads Serum.

she also teach me how to used it
1. wash your face with your usual cleanser
2. apply toner
3. a few drop on your finger tip and rub at the blackhead area, wait till try
4. apply your usual face cream.

comment from : user
Neogence Extremely Off-heads Serum is meant to soften and dissolve acne and pores. This is my Holy Grail product for pores. It is like a painless extraction for the dirt and blackheads stuck inside the pores. It contains Witch Hazel which is also a astringent, helps to sooth and minimize pores size. By minimizing pore size, oil sebum surfacing to the skin will appear lesser, and in return less prone to acnes.

*p/s - why don't you give a try, only RM69 for 15ml
can't wait for the result.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tuesday, 15 January 2013



lame dah sepi blog ni.....
last few week me n en hubby baru discover new japanese restaurant in AEON Bandaraya.
kedai ni name SUKIYA.... en.hubby cakap this shop quite popular in japan....
tapi ni first time dia dapat makan coz kedai tu x halal in Japan.
masakan dia almost similar which we had in local Japan restaurant....

yang plg penting makan dia murah2.... cheaper then Sushi King Bento
our new fav place for meal sekarang

 our meal..... mine is chicken teriyaki - RM7.90 only for large bowl only RM9.90...
en.hubby punya x ingt la harga.....

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Bunga Telur 2013 - Tema Biru Turquoise Pink


nak share gambar bunga telur kain.
this time tema Biru turquoise pink
bunga telur ni belongs to Cik Ajue

more pic click this link

warna-warni saedah

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tenusu Lembu


just nak share my first experience makan tenusu lembu....
sebelum ni tengok pun x pernah.
kebetulan balik kg hari tu PIL panggang tenusu lembu....
tenusu tu just gaul dengan kunyi and garam.
paling penting kena betul2 lilit tenusu dekat buluh (belah 2)

jom layan gambar

selepas selesai proses melilit

 tengah2 panggang nanti tenusu meletup n keluar susu

 rasa dia kenyal2....

warna warni saedah

Fisher Price Contest


sepi dah blog saya ni....
b'z lately ni.... hari ni nk update gambar hadiah fisher price yang My lil daughter menang....

thanx fisher price for choosing my daughter pic...
ramai yang menang 110 winnner.....

love it

warna-warni saedah

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bunga Telur 2013 - Purple Hijau


just to updated latest bunga telur kain....
this bunga telur exclusively for Miss Nina....hope u love it

for more pic and price information to be review click this link

jom layan gambar

 light purple

 dark purple


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